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      October, 22 2019 - Anna
Certified Review
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Taylor
  • Consultation with Taylor
      September, 26 2018 - Valerie
Certified Review
Liked the end result.
Extremely disliked the experience! Completely soaked while washing the product from my hair. I’m glad I was wearing a smock. Stylist was exceptionally rough throughout the experience. I walked out with a headache afterwards.
Services received :
  • Consultation with Allison
  • Specialty Wrap with Allison
      July, 17 2018 - Tim
Certified Review
Worst customer service experience I have had in recent memory. Ranks among those I have when traveling super cheap air carriers. I came in today for an afternoon appointment. On my way in, I got stuck in multiple traffic delays due to a heavy downpour. The rain was coming down so hard that I couldn't see the vehicle in front of me.Cars were moving at a snail's pace from I64 all the way through to the 250 bypass. I arrived just 10 minutes late. As I was parking my car the receptionist told "they have a policy that says you can only be 9 minutes late but because I was 10 minutes late that I would have to reschedule. As a family we been coming to Face Value since it opened in Crozet. We have known the founder/owner since she was a student at CATEC. Spent many hundreds of dollars there and this was how they treat loyal customers? Never again.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Men's Standard with Justin
      June, 04 2018 - Felicia
Certified Review
If there was an option to leave no stars I would. Worst salon experience I have ever had. I had to coach the stylist on how to do makeup (e.g. blending the lines on my face, prepping the face for makeup, lipstick application, and eyeliner.) If you are in need of a full service salon for a special event from out of town my suggestion would be to go somewhere that specializes in it. As far as an updo, the stylist told me I did not need a shampoo as my hair was already clean, and I was charged for it anyways. When I inquired about it at the register the cashier told me there was nothing she could do and did not offer an apology or any attempts to make it right. I wish I would have done everything myself and saved the $95.
Services received :
  • Shampoo & Blow Out (Please Read Description) with Julia
  • Manhattan Makeover with Julia
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda June, 07 2018 - Lucinda
How awful for you to have had that experience when we try so hard to be excellent. Julia has been one of my top bridal hair and makeup stylists and the brides have loved her. I would love to offer you a comp visit with me, the owner, at your next opportunity for us to try and redeem your judgement of us. Things happen, but it is what a salon is willing to do to correct it that matters. The front desk has instructions to book you with me. I look forward to meeting you.
      September, 29 2017 - Meghan
Certified Review
I do like the color and cut I received but the experience took away from that
I have been to Face value before and always enjoyed my experience but this time I was out with a different provider and did not enjoy it very much. She smelled very strongly of cigarettes and spent the majority of her appointment complaining about one of her friends. Also, I was not offered the usual complimentary hot towel massage
Services received :
  • Partial Hilite, Condition, Cut & Style with Julia
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda September, 30 2017 - Lucinda
Meghan, we are so sorry to hear your experience was less than exemplary as your last visit. Thank you for making us aware of how your experience was so that we can use this as a coaching experience for our stylists. We strive to make sure that for every client, every visit is memorable in a good way.
      June, 14 2016 - Elizabeth
Certified Review
I typically shy around writing negative comments because I feel like they can seem rude and I don't want to sound like that. I was just really disappointed with my cut with Julia. She was extremely sweet and friendly, but she barely spent 30 minutes on my long hair-wash,cut, and style. She didn't section my hair when she was cutting it-she just cut it when it was all down, which it feels like she didn't trim any of my layers. She didn't do a professional blow out my hair either-she just blow dried it like I do at home and took a round brush to it a few times when it was already dry. A $60 cut for me is A LOT of money and I was really hoping to have a service that equaled that price. I'm very disappointed, especially considering all the friends I referred to Face Value.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Julia
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda June, 16 2016 - Lucinda
So sorry that that was your experience with us. We never intend for our clients not to have a pampering relaxing escape. Your feedback enables us to improve our services and quality of work we provide to all of our clients. Thank you for letting us know and I will be contacting you personally. - Lucinda
      October, 25 2015 - Courtney
Certified Review
The salon was very clean and the staff was very welcoming. The layout of it and design was very nice! The shampoo was very nice, the temple massage was quite relaxing.
I came in to get a blowout. I showed my stylist pictures and samples. I was not happy with my blowout though. My hair was blow dryed straight with zero volume around the crown. My hair was completely flat. She curled it in all opposite directions. At the end I was waiting for her to style it and add volume. She just sprayed more hairspray. It was crunchy in texture and looked that way. The curls were not flowly and soft like I wanted. I came in to get my hair done for engagement pictures. I didn't have time to rewash it. I had to make due with what my hair looked like. I was very unhappy.
Services received :
  • Shampoo & Blow Out Long/Textured Hair (Please Read Description) with Lauren
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda October, 30 2015 - Lucinda
Oh Courtney! I am so sorry that your experience was not what you hoped it would be! And on such a special day! It is never our intention to fail to do a great job. It is sometimes hard to tell someone you don't like what they did, but we welcome any feedback that helps us to do better hair.
      July, 16 2015 - Wanda
Certified Review
Great all around. Only complaint is the website ratings reviews does not allow me to check all stars.
Services received :
  • Single Color+Part HL, Cond, Cut & Style with Allison
      April, 30 2015 - Ashley
Certified Review
I was very disappointed with my color. The stylist was friendly, talkative and upbeat, but it was clear to me she lacks the technical knowledge. Face Value may be an Aveda salon, but the stylists working there did NOT receive training at an Aveda Institute. II will not be going back no matter how many coupons for free services they send me. It took over 4 months and two tries to get my cut and color looking right again.
Services received :
  • Partial Hilite, Condition, Cut & Style with Allison
  • Consultation with Allison
Reply from Old Trail Face Value Salon Aveda May, 01 2015 - Melissa
I am very sorry your experience with us in January wasn’t good. Allison does have many satisfied clients who love her work. I wish that you had let us know about your experience sooner. I have a policy of working with clients to seek complete satisfaction, and we would have certainly been happy to correct our error for free. As you know, no salon is perfect but I feel that what we do about our errors indicates whether or not we truly care about client satisfaction. Are we always going to get it right- unfortunately no. Will we work with you to correct an issue? Yes, absolutely. We, and Aveda, are strongly invested seeing our stylists carry out their mission and we work hard to represent them well. Consequently the company spends a great deal of money and time to bring in Aveda PurFessionals to the shop for thorough training of the stylists. We are able to do this frequently because we are an Aveda Lifestyle salon and as such, Aveda is also strongly invested in our success. Again, please accept our apologies.
      October, 12 2014 - Julia
Certified Review
The place is very nice. Very modern design. The hair cut is BIG disappointment. I can't wait until my hair will grow back. I can't manage this style. This is absolutely not what I expected from confident stylist with 15 years of experience.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Kristal
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda October, 27 2014 - Lucinda
Julia, I am so sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We are committed to your being satisfied with what you get when you come to us. I will contact you so we can work out a solution. Talk to you soon. Update: We were so glad to have Julia come in for us to help give her the look she truly wanted. See her 5 star review above on 10/16/14!

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