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      September, 12 2018 - Jennifer
Certified Review
The stylist was nice and friendly to talk to I am very disappointed in my experience. I brought pictures of my haircut and showed them to the girl and we talked about doing it similarly but a little shorter than the picture. When she actually cut it she did it WAY shorter than I had asked for (around chin length when I had requested shoulder length. Big difference). She also styled it completely differently from the picture. In the picture it was layered with ringlet style waves. She put in hardly any layering and simply curled it under which wasn't remotely close to what I wanted.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Brooke
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda September, 13 2018
Hi Jennifer! We are so sorry to hear you did not receive the cut you wanted. We work hard to train our stylists in how to execute a great consultation - we will certainly use this as a learning experience for our stylists! We would like to offer your next cut on us, and hope you will give us a chance to give you the cut you wanted!
      July, 14 2017 - Katie
Certified Review
I showed my stylist a picture of what I wanted and she blatantly ignored it. I wanted my hair angled with layers but she cut it straight across stating "I just don't like angles, so I'm not going to do that. And I'm going to texturize it instead of layers. People like that better anyway". She even had me justify WHY I wanted the layers (I shouldn't have to justify what I want) She proceeded to cut my hair straight across with no layers. When she asked me how I liked it, I told her that I didn't like it straight across, could she add layers and angle it (like I originally wanted). She added minimal layers and didn't angle it then asked how I liked it. I, again, stated that I do NOT like it cut straight across and I wanted more layers. She again added minimal layers and still did not angle it. At that point I just said fine and left. I didn't appreciate her blatantly ignoring what I requested ad upon request to fix it, avoided doing what I asked 2 additional times. Will not be coming back.
Services received :
  • Correction with Shannon
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda July, 18 2017 - Lucinda
Katie, I am sorry that our stylist was unable to give you what you wanted and seemed to not "hear" what you were trying to say to her. Communication is essential and we do strive to listen, sometimes we miss the mark and I apologize for that. I am glad Shannon was able to correct this for you.
      December, 26 2016 - Melanie
Certified Review
I enjoyed the hand massage, neck and shoulder massage.
Had agreed with the Stylist that she would cut my hair no shorter than my collar bone, and I absolutely had to be able to put it in a pony tail. I got 0/2. My hair is so short it doesn't even touch my shoulders and is no where close to getting in a pony tail. I felt like those two expectations were very clear and understood and with the outcome of the cut I was not heard at all. Extremely unhappy
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Jaimie
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda December, 27 2016 - Lucinda
Oh my, sorry to hear what happened, sometimes there can be a misunderstanding between the stylist and the client. I will be looking into this to sort out what happened. I invite you to contact me for us to figure out a solution for you.
      May, 13 2016 - Heather
Certified Review
Did a good job on my eyebrow wax.
I booked an appt for my son online for a shampoo, dry and cut. The stylist never shampooed him, trimmed his hair (the trim looked ok), but I was charged for the whole service (shampoo, etc) which he never got (a $15 difference). I emailed and no one ever responded. So I'm not so inclined to send him there again.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Men's Standard with Julia
  • Facial Waxing Brow with Laura
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda May, 14 2016 - Lucinda
Heather, So Sorry that that happened. I've left a message for you and am happy to extend a full pampering service to Ryen. I look forward to hearing from you. - Lucinda
      July, 16 2015 - Wanda
Certified Review
Great all around
Services received :
  • Single Color+Part HL, Cond, Cut & Style with Allison
      December, 21 2014 - Judy
Certified Review
The stylists and receptionists are very friendly and I love the decor of the salon.
I am not pleased with my haircut and I asked for highlights a shade lighter than the caramel highlights I had at my first visit, I came out very blond. I had questioned the hairstylist as to why the paste had no color in it, I can only assume she did not look at what she did the last time.
Services received :
  • Full Hilite, Condition, Cut & Style with Katrina
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda January, 13 2015 - Lucinda
So happy to know that everyone at work loved your hair and that you were ultimately happy with the result. Look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

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