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      March, 05 2018 - Elieen
Certified Review
Walk-in availability, beautiful Aveda salon ambiance and friendly front desk staff.
I felt disappointed that my trim took around 5 minutes and yet cost me $20 more than I normally pay at my usual salon. I was hoping to find an alternate salon, but I am not convinced I would like to try this again. The chair I sat in for the cut was also covered in a previous client’s hair, which I found off-putting.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Julia
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda March, 06 2018 - Lucinda
I was dismayed to see your review and was saddened to think we missed an opportunity to shine and take really good care of you. As hard as this is to hear, I believe there is always room for improvement and that we must be willing to hear the bad with the good if we want to become what we say we strive to be. Thank you for your feedback. I would invite you to have a complimentary shampoo/conditioner/style with me to give you a better experience to take away from your time at my salon. I look forward to meeting you.
      February, 05 2018 - April
Certified Review
I really like the convenience and the products. I really like the receptionists and the ability to reviv reminders via text or updates.
This was my 4th stylist in the few years I have been coming to this salon. Before this appointment I specifically called to speak with the manager. I requested a stylist who had some longevity with the salon and explained that I really like coming in on Saturday. It’s my “me” time. She offered me an appointment on a Friday which I took assuming this was the only appointment available. I liked the stylist but she doesn’t work on Saturdays. So if I want to continue at this salon and keep my me time I will have to find another stylist. I am so disappointed.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Julia
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda February, 07 2018 - Lucinda
I have created an environment that I believe is the best for stylists and clients. Regular income, not commission, benefits, paid vacations, bonuses, direct deposit paychecks ( no need to even go to the bank) and many other good things. I want to shed some light on what happens in even a well run, great place to work salon. Life happens. Unfortunately various circumstances occur with people that are really out of our control. Stylists have babies, say they are going to return then don't. They are promised better things elsewhere and believe them and leave (some return, wiser and more appreciative, some don't). Others move out of the area. There are many reasons we lose people. Unfortunately there is not much I can do as an owner to stop that. But what I can and do is provide the best training for my staff to make sure that you can get the quality result you desire at the salon. The young woman you saw, who does not work Saturdays, has been with me long enough that she has earned that privilege, largely unheard of in the salon business. My goal is to always move my stylists forward to a fulfulling and successful life rather than the typical grind that most stylists endure. Having said all this I invite you to contact me directly and let's find someone you can connect with, I'm all about "me time too" Kindest regards, Lucinda
      November, 21 2017 - Melissa
Certified Review
Great product! I really love how when I get my hair colored, it doesn't overwhelm me with a chemical smell.
Recently I found out that I will have to find another stylist - this will be my 3rd one in less than 2 years. The first one I only saw a couple times, but she was a Charlottesville native & I was under the impression she would never leave, but apparently her husband found a job a couple hours away. So I chose my sister's stylist and had her for a year. Same thing - a native, but this time she went to another salon in town. (It makes me wonder if management is the issue.) I still don't know if I will return or if I will just go there for the coloring and use my old hairdresser to cut my hair. I also don't understand why each station posts about the free complimentary perks - supposedly everyone is supposed to get a neck and shoulder massage but I never got that. Then you get to choose one more thing - mini facial, hand massage, or temple massage. My first stylist would let me choose between hand or temple. My second stylist just automatically gave me a temple massage except when I saw her a couple weeks ago - she didn't do anything extra (considering I got a voicemail a week after seeing her saying she was leaving, I'm guessing she didn't feel like doing the extras if she knew she was leaving). Again, great product, but don't like that I can't keep a consistent stylist.
Services received :
  • Single All Over Color, Condition, Cut & Style with Stephanie
  • Color: Add-on For Extra Color with Stephanie
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda November, 21 2017 - Lucinda
Melissa, thank you for reaching out to us about your experience. We work hard with our team members to be able to deliver a consistent experience. At times, staff members may leave due to life circumstances or that a job offer would be better elsewhere. We work with them through the transition instead of dismissing them immediately (which is a common practice of most salons). As a team based salon, we work to place clients with a stylist who will continue to do an excellent job for you. We care about our staff and have welcomed back those whose opportunities have not been what they have hoped for, or circumstances have changed. We are glad to have Lauren back since her moving did not work out, and we will welcome Stephanie back should the opportunity not be all she was promised. Our signs are on the stations to ensure you are aware of what rituals we offer and as a reminder to our staff. I would welcome you anytime to speak to our Manager or myself, if you feel you are not receiving the experience we want you to have. Thank you again for your input.
      October, 25 2017 - Emily
Certified Review
The salon staff were friendly, the facility was clean, and the hair stylist was responsive.
The brow waxing experience was not good. Being seated in a hair washing sink is very uncomfortable for a brow wax. The light was apparently broken and therefore the waxer couldn’t see what she was doing very well. Overall I was not happy with my waxing experience. I will probably not return.
Services received :
  • Facial Waxing Brow with Kristin
  • Hair Cut - Bang Trim with Stacy
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda October, 26 2017 - Lucinda
Thank you for pointing out these issues. Unfortunately the stylist did not notice that the light was not plugged into the wall. As for the seating, we are happy to add extra padding upon request.
      June, 15 2016 - Casey
Certified Review
Laura was lovely and does awesome highlights.
Upon my first visit, I was required to initial multiple items in a form stating that no-shows are charged $50, not all results are perfect on the first try, and I can't recall what else. I found this to be bizarre and offensive. I would think that this salon, and it's patrons, are of a caliber that a contract for good behavior shouldn't be needed. I found this to be RIDICULOUS, and I probably will not be back, even though my stylist did an excellent job. Had I not been leaving for vacation the next day, I would have walked out.
Services received :
  • Partial Hilite, Condition, Cut & Style with Laura
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda June, 16 2016 - Lucinda
Unfortunately the world does not always function as we wish it would. We have found that in the past 7 years by using this tool of service acknowledgement for new clients that it has allowed us to proactively avoid any misunderstandings. Using this assures us that we have done our due diligence to value our stylist's time and all client's needs. I'm so sorry you found this offensive and hope that you now understand our best intentions. - Lucinda
      November, 23 2015 - Kayla
Certified Review
It wasn't a horrible haircut, but definitely mediocre. Didn't leave the salon with the normal pep in my step resulting from a great new 'do, which is disappointing since I booked with one of the higher tier stylists. I didn't end up with the cut I thought the stylist and I agreed on. I also received a complimentary makeup touch up from the sweetest MUA, but unfortunately it looked a little comical. It looked like a different person did my right eye than my left eye.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut - Women's Shampoo, Cut, & Style with Stephanie
Reply from Face Value Salon - Aveda November, 28 2015 - Lucinda
Thank you so much for your input. We love to keep improving our service and will never change if we don't know what we're doing wrong. Please feel free to tell us when you are not happy even while still with us in the salon! We want to make sure we are giving you the experience you desire. Have a great Holiday. Best, Lucinda

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